Cheek Enhancement

Good cheek volume is the cornerstone of a youthful face.  As we age and lose volume in our cheeks this not only makes out cheeks look saggy and sunken, it also contributes to the worsening appearance of many other facial features.  Cheek volume loss will contribute to deeper lower crow’s feet, deeper nasolabial folds and more prominent marionette lines.  The good news is that by re-volumising your cheeks you can also significantly improve all these areas as well as regain your youthful cheek volume.

For younger patients who wish to enhance and contour their cheekbones this treatment is also highly effective.

Results last up to 24 months and generally a minimum of 2 mL of filler is required for optimal results.


Lip Enhancement

Full lips are a sought-after feature, given they are usually associated with youth and femininity. But not everyone is blessed with plump lips. Lips also tend to get thinner with age, partly due to accumulated sun exposure, genetics, smoking and the natural reduction of collagen.

Dermal Fillers are an excellent option for lip augmentation.  The filler acts as a lip plumper, adding fullness and definition to the lips and provides long lasting results (up to one year).

Vice are experts in providing lip augmentation treatments. If you are looking for full lips with amazing, natural results (not trout pouts!) we can assist you. We advise our patients to think about the shape, definition and volume of the lips they want to achieve. Photographs of lips you’d love to have are great to bring along to your consultation appointment as this can help communicate the result you are looking for.

Lips will tend to swell significantly on the day of treatment and may take 1 to 2 days to settle and bruising may occur which may take up to 4 days to resolve.


Smokers Lines

Smoker’s lines are the vertical lines that appear on your lip line. “Smoker lines” can actually appear whether you smoke or not. Smoking breaks down the production of collagen, which increases the appearance of wrinkles, so it’s good to avoid smoking altogether however it’s certainly not the only cause of these lines.  Underlying dentition structure, genetics, sun damage and excessive pursing of the lips can also contribute to these wrinkles. For the small, vertical lines above the upper lip, wrinkle fillers are a good treatment option. Our dermal fillers  have a smooth consistency, which works well to fill these lines and improve the appearance of the skin around the mouth.  Small doses of wrinkle relaxer in this area may further enhance the results