Spring Special at Vice

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Vice Aesthetics are offering our VIP clients a FREE TNS Essential Serum valued at $300 when you purchase a package of three DermaFrac™ treatments for $870.

The combination of the amazing DermaFrac™ and TNS technologies will mean your skin will be looking sensational just in time for summer.


TNS Essential Serum

The DermaFrac treatment and TNS Essential Serum achieve their phenomenal skin rejuvenation results using the latest collagen induction therapy. DermaFrac is a dermal micro-channeling system that offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain-free manner with no downtime.

DermaFrac™ utilises a small handheld roller that is covered with tiny needles. These needles are rolled painlessly along the skin, creating tiny holes known as micro-channels, which are perfect conduits for the infusion of nutrients.

Anti-aging peptides, skin lighteners and hyaluronic acid moisturisers are among some of the many types of infusions available with your DermaFrac™ treatment enabling DermaFrac™ to address the common skin concerns of dehydration, pigmentation and ageing.

DermaFrac treatments also rally the body’s healing system, encouraging the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid on the surface of the skin. These natural compounds dwindle with advancing age and provide that supple, elastic quality most associated with youth.

For optimal collagen induction results a package or 3 to 6 treatments is recommended and when used in conjunction with the TNS Essential Serum the results are greatly enhanced.

Benefits of TNS Essential Serum

This unparalleled anti-aging serum is the first to combine the benefits of the patented growth factor serum, TNS recovery Complex®, with potent antioxidants, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients to regenerate your skin.

TNS Essential Serum is an all-in-one anti-aging complex and its benefits include:

• Improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the overall 
tone and texture of skin
• Seven antioxidants which go beyond fighting free radical damage
• Specialty ingredients that immediately plump the skin

TNS Essential Serum is appropriate for all skin types with initial results occurring in 30 days with optimal results occurring in 90 days.

When used in conjunction with DermaFrac™, Dermapen and Peel Skin Rejuvenation treatments the results are quicker and even more dramatic.

For more information and to discuss DermaFrac and TNS Essential Serum in more depth with one of our skin rejuvenation specialists, email us on reception@viceaesthetics.com or give us a call on 9384 1737.