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Last weekend Dr Alana Rowick was fortunate enough to attend the inaugural Australasian Medical Aesthetic Congress representing Vice Aesthetics as one of Australia’s top providers of aesthetic injectable treatments.

One of the most exciting presentations was the introduction of My Beauty Potential. Launching in April 2014 the My Beauty Potential website hosts a world leading technology designed to help both men and women learn about their skin, ageing and beauty.

A patented system designed by a Dermatologist, My Beauty Potential/ Make me handsome is a simple to use yet engaging, informative and fun assessment that takes no more than 10 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

It allows you to learn more without any pressure and gives you an immediate in-depth analysis of your face.

If you choose to go on and have skincare and aesthetic treatments, My Beauty Potential will allow you to monitor your improvement and progress with each successive treatments.

For more information check out and we will update you closer to the launch date.

Vycross™ Technology has arrived!


The three latest fillers from Allergan which were just launched on the 1st of August this year all utilise this latest technology.They are formulated with a 90% low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and only 10% high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (HMWHA). Most fillers are 100% High moleular weight hyaluronic acid.

What does this mean? The filler is much smoother The filler is much easier to inject Less pain when injecting Mouldable to your facial contours for facial shaping Natural looking and feeling – very difficult to perceive any filler in the skin Results that can last up to twice as long – recorded to last up to 18 months

Book a consultation to find out what this amazing new Vycross™ technology can do for you!

IMCAS Conference Paris 2013

Dr Rowick will be attending the IMCAS Congress in beautiful Paris in January 2013 and looks forward to being able to share all the latest tips and techniques from Europe with all of her patients when she returns!

For further information on the Congress please visit:

Redsky Ride – Join Vice and donate!

This year Vice is supporting the Redsky Ride and has made a significant donation to the ride to assist the raising of much needed funds for the SolarisCare Foundation Cancer Support Centres (

Solariscare was founded for the specific purpose of providing supportive care for people with cancer, their families and their carers in WA.

During the Redsky ride cyclists will test their physical and mental endurance over 8 days and over 900 kilometres from Sunday 7th March 2010 – Sunday 14 th March 2010.

Supported by eight volunteers and five support vehicles the ride will travel from Perth through the towns of Harvey, Dunsborough, Augusta, Bridgetown (rest day), Wagin, York and finish in Perth on 14th March 2010.

Visit to learn more and to support these amazing individuals.

Fabulous fillers with inbuilt anaesthetic!

A fantastic breakthrough, particularly for people that have trouble with local anaesthetics or low pain thresholds, the new range of fillers with inbuilt anaesthetic make the whole wrinkle and lip filling process a lot more comfortable!

Email us to find out more!

Skin rejuvenation for hands, neck and décolletage – the areas that “give away”? your age!

Prepare to say goodbye to crinkly necks, crepey décolletage and scaly hands in favour of plump, youthful, hydrated skin.

Q Med ( has a new filler that provides deep dermal hydration improving superficial lines and skin elasticity for smoother, firmer, more radiant skin.

Cheek augmentation and Chin definition

As we age there is a loss of fatty tissue throughout the mid-face that can result in sunken and flattened cheeks. Thankfully there are now new dermal fillers available that can augment and sculpt the cheekbones, lifting and elevating the surrounding skin for a subtle and amazingly youthful look. Sagging jaw lines, jowls and chin definition can also be improved with the same treatment.

A far more reliable and significantly less invasive alternative to fat transfer the treatment has minimal to no downtime and results can last up to 18 months.