Latest news update

Last weekend Dr Alana Rowick was fortunate enough to attend the inaugural Australasian Medical Aesthetic Congress representing Vice Aesthetics as one of Australia’s top providers of aesthetic injectable treatments.

One of the most exciting presentations was the introduction of My Beauty Potential. Launching in April 2014 the My Beauty Potential website hosts a world leading technology designed to help both men and women learn about their skin, ageing and beauty.

A patented system designed by a Dermatologist, My Beauty Potential/ Make me handsome is a simple to use yet engaging, informative and fun assessment that takes no more than 10 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

It allows you to learn more without any pressure and gives you an immediate in-depth analysis of your face.

If you choose to go on and have skincare and aesthetic treatments, My Beauty Potential will allow you to monitor your improvement and progress with each successive treatments.

For more information check out and we will update you closer to the launch date.