The Collette (Neck) Pad has finally arrived – neck wrinkles begone!

From the makers of the Decollette and the Silcskin Facials pads now comes the highly anticipated Collette Pad!

Silcskin Collette Neck Pads are designed to prevent neck and clavicle wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side, by ageing and from sun damage. Prolonged use of Collette Pads will help return neck skin to a more youthful and supple appearance. It’s a solution so simple to use in that you can wear it while you sleep.

Silcskin Decollette & Collette Pads work in unison to give you the best possible defence against Neck & Chest Wrinkles. Use the Collette Pad separately or together with the Decollette Pad to achieve a wrinkle free neck and chest area.

Silcskin Pads are manufactured from 100% medical grade silicone and contain no fillers, latex, glues, peroxides etc which can all irritate the skin and cause nasty rashes. When worn, electro static energy provided by the pads can improve the irregular collagen structure and also create an increased blood flow which results in an improved skin tone.

Silicone contributes in moisturising the skin by drawing the skin’s natural moisture to the surface. This process has been shown to hydrate the skin and is an important factor in healing scars. Prolonged use will help return skin to a more youthful and supple appearance by softening fine lines and muscles.

Collette Pads are $50 and can be re-used for up to 2 months.