Dermamelan is a topical depigmentation treatment. It is a long-term treatment that includes a consultation treatment and the corresponding home maintenance. Dermamelan is the number one depigmentation treatment in the world and is suitable for all skin colours.

Dermamelan is a more potent version of the Cosmelan peel and can only be applied by a doctor. Dermamelan works by inhibiting the production and the transfer of the melanin pigment to the skin cells. It produces superficial exfoliation, which allows the removal of the superficial hyperpigmentation on and reaches the deeper skin levels, in a shorter application time than that achieved through the Cosmelan, which is why it is administered by doctors only.

Dermamelan is a more potent version of the Cosmelan peel meaning it can be left on the skin for a reduced amount of time (4 to 6 hours depending on skin type). The Dermamelan peel is applied in clinic by Dr Alana Rowick to ensure maximum safety and efficacy.

How does Dermamelan work?

Dermamelan’s short-term action is to remove superficial hyperpigmentation, through chemical exfoliation.

Dermamelan’s long-term action is reversible and non-cytotoxic inhibition of the formation of melanin, which in turn controls and progressively eliminates the melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Side Effects

  • Swelling and redness can be significant and are more pronounced on days one through three.
  • Skin flaking and peeling are expected side effects of the treatment and may last up to 7 days
  • Burning/stinging may occur when applying the home care products
  • Tight skin sensation which can be relieved with repeated application of the home care products
  • During the first post-treatment week, it is recommended to avoid the following activities: swimming in pools, sauna, exposure to sources of direct heat and outdoors sports.

Who is Dermamelan suitable for?

Dermamelan is suitable for all skin colours and skin types however should be avoided in those with:

  • Sunburnt skin – avoid UV exposure for 2 weeks prior. Those who have lifestyles with significant sun exposure are not suitable for Dermamelan.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Dermatological diseases
  • Treatment with prescription oral Vitamin A or antibiotics
  • Bacterial, fungal, viral or cold sore infections


The Dermamelan method is a single treatment and is packaged together with home care skin products (3 months supply valued at $700). The cost of a Dermamelan package is $1495 and treatments may be performed every four to nine months.